Goodbye, Mom: A Memoir of Prayer, Jewish Mourning, and Healing
by Rabbi Arnie Singer
Goodbye,Mom: A Memoir of Prayer, Jewish Mourning and Healing, is a practical and spiritual guide embedded within the true story of son’s struggle to deal with his mother’s passing. It is a moving story of hope and prayer, love and respect, mourning and grieving, and healing. Although the mourning customs are Jewish, the concepts of prayer, grieving, and healing discussed in the book are universal.
Goodbye, Mom: A Memoir of Prayer, Jewish Mourning, and Healing

Deep Water: Insights into the Five Books of Moses and Jewish Festivals
by Rabbi Arnie Singer
According to Jewish tradition, the Torah, also known as the Five Books of Moses, is the communication of the will of God, and the guide to attaining closeness to the Divine. Deep Waters reveals some of the lessons and messages of the Torah and the Jewish festivals, and applies them to our modern day lives. Deep Waters is written for readers with a Judaic studies background as well as for those with hardly any Jewish knowledge.
All Hebrew terms and concepts are clearly translated and explained.
The lessons in Deep Waters are usually no longer than one page in length, making them easy to digest in one sitting.

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The Outsider’s Guide To Orthodox Judaism

by Rabbi Arnie Singer
The Outsider’s Guide to Orthodox Judaism is a handbook that explains the basic beliefs and practices of Orthodox Judaism in a clear and
concise format. It is geared to anyone who is not Orthodox (or non Jewish), interested in learning more about their Orthodox coworkers, friends, and neighbors.
Easy to read, and to the point.

Read the Jewish Press review here.

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Soul Encounter(music cd)

by Rabbi Arnie Singer
Arnie sings the kabbalat Shabbat service and several original soulful compositions. Includes melodies by Shlomo Carlebach and other standards.

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