Chanukah – Making Miracles

The Kabbalah categorizes miracles as those that are completely initiated from the heavenly realm, and those that are initiated or “pulled down” by actions in the physical world. The splitting of the Sea of Reeds during the Exodus was purely a heavenly initiative since, according to the Midrash, the Jews were no more deserving of a miracle based on their merits than were the Egyptians. The Jews played absolutely no part in bringing about that miracle.

The miraculous events of Chanukah, including the military victory against the Syrian-Greeks and the burning of the oil, were initiated by the actions of the Jews. Led by the Maccabees, the Jews took action and fought for their religious liberty. When God saw their effort and sacrifice, He performed miracles for them. The Jews “pulled down” miracles with their actions and deeds.

Chanukah is a time ripe for miracles. The unique spiritual energy of the holiday allows us to initiate actions that can actually initiate, or “pull down”, miracles from above. Chanukah gives us the power to make spectacular things happen in our own lives and in the world we live in. It’s up to us to take the first step.

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