Abraham’s Legacy

The first word God spoke to our forefather Abraham was “go!” Move. Leave your comfort zone, where you feel in control of your fate. Go to a place that is foreign, unfamiliar, a total mystery to you. Face new challenges. Form new alliances, teach new students, make new friends. Create a legacy for yourself that […]

Dating Business (some advice for the guys)

This post is directed primarily to the guys out there, simply because I don’t think the gals need this bit of unsolicited advice. So Gals, just read on and gloat. Oh, if this post does in fact apply to you, take your medicine and move on. Young, upwardly mobile, professional, single Jewish men in Manhattan […]

A Shidduch Quick Fix?

I just heard a rumor that someone has offered $1,000 to anyone who, over Simchat Torah, makes a shidduch that leads to marriage within a year. Sounds awesome! This should solve everything, right? Not so fast. Although I absolutely applaud the intentions of the person offering this extremely generous bounty, I don’t think it will […]

Simchat Torah – New Beginnings

Simchat Torah is quickly approaching and soon the UWS will be filled with thousands of singles seeking their soulmates. After participating in this mating ritual for nearly fifteen years, I can say with confidence that Simchat Torah on the UWS is an amazing opportunity to further your search for that special person. There are scores […]

Succah Journey

I recently heard the following Torah thought, from a local UWS rabbi, to answer the question of why the Sukkot holiday directly follows Rosh Hahsana and Yom Kippur. He quoted a Midrashic source that explains that since there exists the possibility that the Jewish nation was judged unfavorably and deserving of Galut (exile), we take […]