This period of time is dark, literally and figuratively. Daylight hours are short. The weather is cold. It’s easy to get sick. Lethargy sets in. There are no holidays. The financial crisis is raging. Israel is at war. What’s a Jew to do? There’s a surefire way to illuminate ourselves and the world around us, […]

Chanukah-Counting Money

In its discussion about the laws of Chanukah, the Talmud states that it is forbidden to use the light of the menorah to count one’s money, for doing so denigrates the importance of the mitzvah of the lights. This halacha teaches us a very deep lesson. Chanukah teaches us that miracles do happen. God is […]

The Spiritual Chamber

Last night, after visiting a new age type shop in Dizengoff Center (TA), I had an idea. Wouldn’t it be great if we had a room in the house that was totally decorated for “spirituality”? It would have candles and incense, hanging beads on the doors and windows, dim colored lighting, cusions on the floor […]