Chanukah-Counting Money

In its discussion about the laws of Chanukah, the Talmud states that it is forbidden to use the light of the menorah to count one’s money, for doing so denigrates the importance of the mitzvah of the lights.

This halacha teaches us a very deep lesson. Chanukah teaches us that miracles do happen. God is in control of our destinies, not us.

Just the other night, sitting in front of the menorah, I started worrying about my own financial situation. How was I going to take control of my financial destiny? It’s all totally in my hands, right?

Then I realized that I was counting money by the lights of the menorah. I was trying to control my life, while the lights were telling me that God is in control. The miraculous can happen. So, I stopped thinking and started believing in the message of those holy mystical lights.

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