Shabbat Bo

In this week’s parsha, Bo, Moshe demands that Pharaoh let the Jews out to worship God. When Pharaoh asks who would go, Moshe tells him everyone, men women, children, and even their animals.
Pharaoh accuses Moshe of trying to “pull a fast one”, and agrees to release only the men, for only they worship.
Was Moshe, in fact, trying to trick Pharaoh?

Not at all. Moshe was teaching Pharoah that everyone can connect with, and serve, the Divine, each in their own unique way. Yes, even animals serve God, usually with the help of man.

This is a fundamental principle in Judaism. Every person has the potential to reach the highest levels of spirituality and holiness. The Jewish People were given a special guidebook that teaches us our own, unique, path, to God. Other nations have other paths unique to them.

Our challenge is to each find our own, personal, way of connecting, within the framework of that guidebook — the Torah.

Good luck on your journey.
Shabbat Shalom,

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