Chanukah – Of the Spirit

Chanukah and Purim differ drastically in their manner of observance and in the message that they convey. The Mitzvot of Purim revolve around the “physical” — we feast, drink, give gifts of food, and charity.  The message is clear: they tried to destroy us, so we celebrate by highlighting our continued physical existence. There is […]

Making Miracles

According to the Kabbalah, there are two types of miracles. One kind of miracle comes from “above”, with no participation from “below”.  An example of this are all the miracles surrounding the exodus from Egypt. The Jews sat passively while God reaked havoc on Egypt. The second kind of miracle is started “below” and is […]

Chanukah-Counting Money

In its discussion about the laws of Chanukah, the Talmud states that it is forbidden to use the light of the menorah to count one’s money, for doing so denigrates the importance of the mitzvah of the lights. This halacha teaches us a very deep lesson. Chanukah teaches us that miracles do happen. God is […]