Making Miracles

According to the Kabbalah, there are two types of miracles. One kind of miracle comes from “above”, with no participation from “below”.  An example of this are all the miracles surrounding the exodus from Egypt. The Jews sat passively while God reaked havoc on Egypt.

The second kind of miracle is started “below” and is completed or fullfiled from “above”. The primary example of this kind of miracle is Chanukah. The Jews took up arms against their oppressors, and then God granted them victory over overwhelming odds. The Jews lit the Menorah in the Temple with only a tiny flask of pure oil, and God caused it to burn for eight days. The Chanukah miracles were instigated from “below”, by the Jewish people.

Chanukah is more than a time of miracles. It’s a time of instigating miracles. During this time God tell us to, so to speak, force Him to make miracles by taking the first step.

Chanukah is the time when we can make miracles happen. All we have to do is start the ball rolling. We can make miracles happen.

Happy Chanukah.

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