Destroying Your Chametz

Chametz is prohibited on Pesach. What is it? One of the five grains (wheat, rye, oats, spelt, barley) mixed with water,and left idle for more than 18 minutes. As long as the dough is worked (kneaded), it cannot become Chametz.

Our sages teach that Chametz represents haughtiness and ego (Guy-vah). On Pesach we destroy our personal “chametz”, for it can stand in the way of our complete redemption and true freedom.

Chametz cannot come into existence while the dough is being worked. The way to make sure that our egos don’t get the best of us is to constantly work on ourselves. Someone who recognizes their shortcomings and strives to overcome them and improve themselves will never become a slave to haughtiness and ego.

As we prepare for Pesach, we should spend at least as much time and energy working on ourselves, as we do on working on our kitchens.

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