Yom Hashoah

Today is Yom Hashoah, the day when we remember and honor the sacrifice of our six million brothers and sisters who were murdered during the holocaust, as well as those that survived to rebuild. Here in Israel the day is filled with inspirational and emotional programs and testimonies from survivors. At 10:00am this morning, the nation stood at attention for a moment of introspection, in the shadow of a Persian madman pledging to wipe us off the map. Last night, prime minister Netanyahu spoke for the Jewish people when he vowed that Israel would never be destroyed.

On this Yom Hashoah we must not only remember the past, but experience the present and look to the future. We must take this opportunity to think of how we can grow into better, kinder, more caring people. We need to put aside our differences and unite as one family, in the memory of those who did so in death. In this merit, may God protect us from our enemies and bless us with success in all of our endeavors.

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