A Final Word

My mom, Yehudit Bat Elimelech, left this world on Erev Shabbat, the 18th of Tamuz (July 10th). In the merit of the prayers and mitzvot of hundreds of Jews, she was blessed with a few extra days of strength to spend with her family.

She told us that she wasn’t afraid of death, and that she loved us dearly, that we were the reason for her very existence. She was at peace with the knowledge that I would be well cared for by my wife, who she loved like her own daughter, and that we would be there to care for her beloved husband of forty eight years, my father. We told her that we loved her so dearly, and we thanked her for giving us everything that was in her power to give. We told her not to worry about us. On her last night in this world, we prayed with her, said the “Shema”, blessed her, and said good bye. A few hours later, she was gone.

I feel deeply sad that my mom can no longer share her love with us, and frustrated that her life was cut short just as she was beginning to enjoy her new family and look forward to a new generation, but I take some consolation knowing that we were there to escort her to the next world with love, and that she was at peace with her life and legacy. May our prayers, good deeds, and Torah study elevate her soul and bring her eternal peace and comfort.

As for me…I will never forget you, Mom. Your spirit will live on in my heart and the hearts of your future generations. I know you will always look out for us and protect us, as you did your entire life. I miss you very much. Goodbye Mom.

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