Yom Kippur – Take 2

The days between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are called the Aseret Yi-May Teshuvah – Ten Days of Repentance, and the Shabbat that falls during those days is called Shabbat Shuva (Return). According to our tradition God is especially receptive to our prayers and pleas during these days. Rabbi Pinchas Teitz Z”L, a great Rabbi […]

Yom Kippur – Approaching God

One of the greatest gifts given to the Jewish People by God is the ability to repent – Teshuvah. Part of the Teshuvah process is crying out to God in supplication and repentance. How does one cry out to God? The traditional form of communication with God is through prayer. The Sages composed the traditional […]

Chanukah – Making Miracles

The Kabbalah categorizes miracles as those that are completely initiated from the heavenly realm, and those that are initiated or “pulled down” by actions in the physical world. The splitting of the Sea of Reeds during the Exodus was purely a heavenly initiative since, according to the Midrash, the Jews were no more deserving of […]

Simchat Torah – New Beginnings

Simchat Torah is quickly approaching and soon the UWS will be filled with thousands of singles seeking their soulmates. After participating in this mating ritual for nearly fifteen years, I can say with confidence that Simchat Torah on the UWS is an amazing opportunity to further your search for that special person. There are scores […]

Succah Journey

I recently heard the following Torah thought, from a local UWS rabbi, to answer the question of why the Sukkot holiday directly follows Rosh Hahsana and Yom Kippur. He quoted a Midrashic source that explains that since there exists the possibility that the Jewish nation was judged unfavorably and deserving of Galut (exile), we take […]